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Kerala is truly a blessed land with its awe-inspiring beauty, which attracts many people. Aside from Kerala’s beauty, Kerala dishes are everyone’s favourites. Kerala cuisine has its own identity among other cuisines in the world. Kerala spices hold a major role in making them distinctive. Kerala is known as the “Land of Spices” in India. In this spice land, the “Queen of Spices” is the most special. Cardamom, also known as elaichi, is the most popular and preferred spice in Kerala. If you add a pinch of Kerala cardamom to tea or curry, the dish will become incredible. Adding cardamom or elaichi to your dishes will give them an unmatched flavour. Cardamom also imparts a unique aromatic flavour. Cardamom in Kerala is very popular around the world, especially cardamom in Idukki. In order to buy cardamom seed in Idukki, many people travel to Kerala.

Cardamom seeds are widely used in foods to get the flavour of cardamom. The essential oils found in cardamom seeds give the spice its distinct flavour. Cardamom seeds are available in clusters, doubles, and singles. Cardamom seed clusters form when two or more seeds become entangled. In a cardamom seed double, two cardamom seeds are entangled together. A cardamom seed single is a cardamom that contains only one seed. The form of the seed does not matter, but it adds flavour to your dishes. Cardamom seeds have numerous medicinal uses as well, as they are particularly effective for digestive issues such as heartburn, intestinal spasms, gas, constipation, liver and gallbladder complaints, and loss of appetite. Additionally, it promotes glowing skin, alleviates headaches, treats all skin issues thanks to its antimicrobial properties, and strengthens weak hair.

There are many sources to buy cardamom seed, but buying from a trustworthy supplier really matters. From Rose Maria Spices, you will get the best-quality cardamom seeds at the best prices. RMS is the major supplier of the best-quality cardamom and cardamom seeds in Kerala. We only provide cardamom seeds that have been harvested from our own farms of cardamom in Idukki. Buy cardamom seed in clusters, doubles, or singles from RMS, cultivated without any pesticides or chemicals added and collected hygienically. With our farm-fresh cardamom seeds, you can add extra delicacy to your dishes.

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