Cinnamon is a worldwide spice that has been widely used since ancient times for savory and sweet foods. It delivers a vibrant flavor to the dishes. Cinnamon’s scientific name is Cinnamomum zeylanicum, and Sri Lanka is its origin. Cinnamon is included in the list of the best Kerala spices. Kerala is known as the Land of spices and cinnamon is one among the most favourite spices in Kerala. In every dish of Kerala cuisine, cinnamon is added to give it a special taste that cannot be replaced by any other spice. Kerala is one of the most important producers of cinnamon. You can buy Cinnamon online through RMS site at wholesale and retail price. Many people travel to Kerala with the vision to buy cinnamon, especially cinnamon in Idukki.

Cinnamon is taken from the bark of the cinnamon tree. After being harvested, dried, and fermented, a tree’s bark has its outer layer stripped off. Cinnamon’s inner bark undergoes the process and becomes thinner and striped. The dried bark can be used to add sweetness and warmth to a wide range of foods by either grinding it or using it in stick form. It has a lovely, exotic bouquet scent. Cinnamon has been used as a flavoring, preservative, embalming agent, and for its therapeutic properties throughout history. The spice gets its rich brown color because of the beta-carotene present in it. It has a number of health benefits and is used in Ayurvedic medicines. Cinnamon is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is beneficial for diabetes mellitus and aids in the metabolization of glucose in the liver.

For every kitchen, cinnamon is a must-have spice. Many sources to buy cinnamon are available now. But most people get cheated when they buy cinnamon online. Rose Maria Spices provides the best cinnamon grown in our own farms of cinnamon in Idukki. If you travel to Kerala, visit our spice shop in Idukki to bring back some of the real essence of the Western Ghats. Purchase from RMS to buy cinnamon in Kerala at the lowest price. We only provide the best-quality cinnamon with natural color and taste, grown under natural conditions without any chemicals or preservatives. Experience the real taste of Kerala cinnamon from Rose Maria Spices.

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