Kerala is truly God’s own country, and Kerala cuisine is every visitor’s favorite. Kerala food became popular around the world because of the spices used in it. Whether it’s a curry or any other dish, spices bring out the original taste. Pepper is one of the popular Kerala spices. In many food items in Kerala, pepper is a common spice used to add a spicy flavor. A pinch of pepper powder can make an omelette more delicate. It is called the “King of Spices.” It is made from the tiny dried berries, also known as peppercorns, of the piper nigrum vine.

Pepper has numerous health benefits. It helps you lose weight and cleanses your stomach and intestines. Pepper detoxifies the body, which helps to prevent cancer. Additionally, it benefits the skin. Pepper has a wide range of health advantages. A highly valued trade good known as “black gold,” peppercorns were also used as a form of commodity money. The best way to buy pepper is whole, because freshly ground pepper is much better than pre-ground powder. To preserve its aroma, pepper should be ground directly onto hot food and added well toward the end of cooking.

There are many sources to buy pepper, but the right place to buy fresh and authentic pepper is Rose Maria Spices. We offer both black and white pepper in wholesale and retail quantities that are of premium quality, handpicked from Idukki’s organic farms, and packed hygienically according to quality standards. We use no chemicals or pesticides during the production of pepper. You can buy the best pepper in Idukki, Kerala, at the best price from RMS because we believe in the quality of what we offer and the satisfaction of our customers with what they get. Here is the perfect spot to buy white pepper and black pepper.

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