Cardamom 7.5mm Bold Export


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  • Green and whole cardamom 7.5mm bold export, fresh from farm
  • Organic Green Cardamom may lower blood pressure, fight inflammation, help treat bad breath and prevent cavities as well.
  • Ideally used in curries, teas, Indian sweets, sausages and various types of Indian food.
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Elevate Your Dishes: Buy Cardamom Spice at Wholesale Prices from RMS

Are you a spice enthusiast or culinary expert looking to enhance your culinary creations? Look no further! RMS offers you the opportunity to buy cardamom spice at wholesale prices, featuring our exquisite Cardamom 7.5mm Bold Export. Discover the richness and freshness of this aromatic spice that will elevate your dishes to new heights.

Why Choose Cardamom 7.5mm Bold Export?

Our Cardamom 7.5mm Bold Export is renowned for its impressive size and bold aroma. Grown in the lush landscapes of Kerala’s Idukki region, our cardamom is a testament to the quality of Kerala spices. When you buy cardamom spice at wholesale prices from us, you are investing in the finest cardamom available.

Buy Organic Cardamom Online – Freshly Ground Cardamom Spice

For those seeking authenticity and flavor, we offer the option to buy freshly ground cardamom spice. This ensures that you get the most vibrant and aromatic cardamom powder that will infuse your dishes with the true essence of this spice. Our commitment to quality and freshness extends to our range of Idukki spices, making your culinary journey exceptional.

Cardamom Spice Variety Packs Online

Are you looking to explore the versatility of cardamom? Our cardamom spice variety packs online allow you to experiment with different varieties of this spice. Discover the nuances of flavor and aroma that each type offers, and add new dimensions to your cooking repertoire.

Buy Now for Wholesale Cardamom Spice

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy cardamom spice at wholesale prices from RMS. Elevate your dishes with the finest cardamom from Kerala. Embrace the flavors of Idukki spices and enhance your culinary creations. Buy now and embark on a flavorful journey with RMS!

Experience the richness and authenticity of Cardamom 7.5mm Bold Export, and let your dishes shine with the distinctive aroma and flavor that only premium cardamom can provide. Your culinary adventure begins here, at RMS!


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