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Chennattumattam Jn. Kattappana ,Idukki,Kerala

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Cardamom, Cinnamon Javithiri These are the examples of spices. These are all examples of spices. Note too that spices are used in dried form while herbs can be used either fresh or dried.

Spices not only improve the taste of food but also a good source of vitamins B and C, iron, calcium, and other antioxidants.

Kerala being known as “God’s own country” also holds much popularity in the international market for their spices having rich flavour and aroma. From ancient times itself traders from across the globe sailed hundreds of miles to purchase the best spices from Kerala,

Idukki, a picture square hilly terrain of Kerala, is part of Western Ghats in India. Our forefathers were among the early settlers of Idukki. Our grandfather, Mr. Mathew Mundiyankal was a planter. When he passed away, our beloved grandmother, Mrs. Rosamma Mundiyankal carried forward the farming business. We are proud bearers of their legacy and named the family trading wing ‘Rose Maria Species’ in honour of our grandmother, a resolute and determined woman.

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