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  • A cardamom seed single is a cardamom that contains only one seed.
  • Single seed cardamom is a very common ingredient in Indian cuisine, especially in traditional Indian sweets and in tea.
  • You will get high-quality single seed cardamom at a reasonable rate from Rose Maria Spices.
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Introducing the Aromatic Delight of Cardamom Seed Single.

A cardamom seed single is a cardamom that contains only one seed. The seeds in the cardamom contain the essential oils that give the spice a unique taste.

Cardamom or elaichi is a special spice that is mostly added to Indian foods. It is extra special in Kerala dishes. A tea gets its perfect taste only when some elaichi is added. A curry becomes more delicious only by adding some elaichi. Adding some cardamom means a dish becomes more tasty. Elaichi imparts not only flavour but also a distinct aromatic flavour to food.
 Cardamom also has many medicinal purposes as it is best for digestion problems including heartburn, intestinal spasms, intestinal gas, constipation, liver and gallbladder complaints, and loss of appetite. It also helps to reduce hypertension, relieve headaches, provide glowing skin, fix all skin problems through its antimicrobial action, and strengthen weak hair.

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Elevate your culinary creations with the aromatic delight of single-origin cardamom seeds. Explore their unique flavor, culinary versatility, and potential health benefits. Purchase the finest quality cardamom seeds online and embark on a flavorful journey that celebrates this exceptional spice.


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