Javithri, or mace, is the bright red, lacy covering shell of the nutmeg seed. Mace has a flavor that is very similar to nutmeg, but it is more subdued and has a faint peppery flavor. Mace has a potent aroma, a resinous texture, and a warm flavor. You would feel overwhelmed if you used mace in your cooking if you enjoy making spicy food. For its bright, saffron-like color, mace is frequently chosen in light dishes. Because mace’s flavor is so adaptable, it can be used in a variety of recipes. You can Buy Mace Online from our website.

Javithri is one of the popular Kerala spices. Because of its flavoring properties, it is used in many Indian dishes. Kerala is where the majority of the production takes place, so the javithri there is of very high quality and appearance. White sauce, lasagna, and some stews are primarily flavored with mace. Additionally, it is utilized in some Indian desserts, sausages, pastries, pickle and fish sauces, chutneys, and jam. In Chettinad and Mughlai cuisine, mace, or javithri, is a prominent ingredient. It also has many medicinal properties. Mace relieves digestive issues, stimulates appetite, treats and prevents cancer, boosts blood circulation, eliminates dental issues, is a rich source of nutrients and vitamins, helps RBC form, treats insomnia, soothes cold and cough, and enhances brain health.

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