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Rose Maria Spices is the leading cardamom suppliers in Kerala. RMS brings you the authentic and natural essence of the Western Ghats in Idukki to your home through the fine farm-fresh Kerala spices    cultivated in our own farms and specially handpicked for you to serve the real essence of the “Land of Spices.” The most popular spice among the RMS is the  “Queen of Spices,cardamom. Get the best spices at the best price from Rose Maria Spices.

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Cardamom Suppliers in Kerala Rose Maria Spices RMS

cardamom leaf 7

Graded Per Your Specifications

The adage “one size doesn’t fit all” applies to cardamom as well. Cardamom pods come in a variety of sizes, and they are utilized in a variety of applications due to their many uses and advantages. As a result, RMS cardamom is ranked according to size. However, quality is never a factor in the grading. World-class quality is maintained regardless of size.

cardamom suppliers in Kerala. cardamom 8mm
cardamom suppliers in Kerala cardamom 7.5mm
cardamom suppliers in Kerala cardamom 7mm
cardamom suppliers in Kerala cardamom 6.5mm
cardamom suppliers in Kerala 6 mm Cardamom
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The seeds and the oil from the seeds are used to make medicine

cardamom suppliers in Kerala 15-Pepper-9MM-Bold-02


Pepper is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae

cardamom suppliers in Kerala 04-JAVITRI


Mace, spice consisting of the dried aril, or lacy covering, of the nutmeg fruit

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cardamom leaf 8

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Processing & Exporting

Rose Maria Spices has become one of the top cardamom suppliers in Kerala & Kerala spice sellers and is well known for the quality products that we serve. Here is a true vision of the process behind the packed cardamom in your hands.

Based on 143 reviews
Mohamed Bilal
Mohamed Bilal
"I've been purchasing spices from RMS for years, and they never disappoint. The range of spices they offer is impressive, and each one is of exceptional quality. It's evident that they take great care in sourcing the best spices. The packaging is excellent, ensuring the spices stay fresh for a long time. Their prompt delivery and attention to detail make them my go-to supplier for all my spice needs. Highly recommended!"
vishnu jayan
vishnu jayan
"I have tried a few spices from RMS and overall, I had a decent experience. The packaging is attractive and the pricing is fair. While some spices were really flavorful and aromatic, others seemed a bit ordinary. It would be great if they could ensure consistent quality across all their products. Nonetheless, I appreciate the effort they put into providing a range of spices for cooking enthusiasts like me."
Rasmi R Nair
Rasmi R Nair
One of the best online Organic store is India. You will get all the products for affordable price because all these produces are directly coming from the organic farms. Moreover the quality of the products are so good compare to the local venders and other retails stores
Bitty Benny
Bitty Benny
Highly Recommend!!! If you are looking for top quality organic spices fresh from the farm at reasonable prices head on to RMS. Good collection of Spices ,condiments and other homemade products at reasonable prices and timely delivery. Excellent customer service. A must go place for authentic Kerala spices . Will order again.
Goutam R
Goutam R
Best quality cardamom dealer
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