Malabar Tamarind


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  • Pure and Unadulterated
  • We collect fresh organic spices directly from the farmers in and around Western Ghat region.  
  • Fresh clean and organic
  • Kudam puli (Dried Malabar Tamarind) from Kerala.
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Unveiling the Allure and Benefits of Malabar Tamarind at RMS, Idukki

Welcome to RMS Idukki, your gateway to exploring the vibrant world of spices. Today, we’re diving into the delightful realm of Malabar Tamarind, a true culinary treasure known for its unique taste and wellness perks.

Malabar tamarind, a hidden gem of flavors and health benefits, takes center stage at RMS, Idukki. This exotic fruit, also known as Garcinia Cambogia, boasts a myriad of culinary and wellness advantages that are gaining immense popularity among spice enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike.

A Journey to Wellness

Beyond its culinary charm,  Kodampuli, Kudampuli offers a range of health perks. Packed with natural antioxidants. it supports your well-being journey. The presence of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) makes it a favored choice for those aiming for healthy weight management.

Beyond Taste:  Health Benefits of Brindleberry (Malabar Tamarind): Unveiling the Nutritional Advantages
Empowering Weight Management:  Harnessing the Potential of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) in Kodampuli, Kudampuli
Nature’s Antioxidant:  Embracing Well-Being through Panampulli, Vadakkan puli

RMS, Idukki’s Signature Selection

Our commitment to quality shines through as we source Brindleberry directly from the Malabar region. This ensures that you experience the genuine flavors and benefits this fruit has to offer.

Sourcing from the Malabar Region:  Discovering the Heartland of Tamarind
Curated Excellence:  RMS Idukki’s Commitment to Premium Quality
Unearth the Natural Treasure:  Connecting with the Authenticity of the Malabar Region

The Culinary Enchantment

Exploring Distinctive Flavors: Discover the Unique Taste Profile of  Tamarind
Aromatic Infusion: Elevate Your Dishes with the Alluring Aroma of  Tamarind Spices
From Chutneys to Curries: Unleash Creativity in the Kitchen with Premium Tamarind

Culinary Mastery and Vitality

Elevate Every Bite with RMS, Idukki’s Uppage, Kattchapuli 


RMS Idukki invites you to explore the world of Goraka, where authenticity, flavor, and wellness come together in every bite. Elevate your dishes with the magic of Tamarind and savor the true essence of Idukki’s spice legacy.

Unlocking Flavors and Wellness: Embrace the Versatility and Benefits of Tamarind from RMS, Idukki


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