Spices Lovers in Mumbai

Hey, Spice Lovers! Mumbai is Waiting for You..

Mumbai, India’s economic capital, welcomes spice lovers from all around the world in 2023. Mumbai is going to witness the largest exclusive commercial venue for the spice industry, the 14th World Spice Congress (WSC). From February 16–18, 2023, the CIDCO Exhibition and Convention Centre in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, will host the 14th World Spice Congress.

The World Spice Congress is the largest exclusive business venue for the spice industry. The biannual conference remains the foremost venue for debating the difficulties and possibilities facing the world’s spice industry. Since its debut in 1990, the WSC has had 13 successful iterations over the past three decades.

The theme of the 14th World Spice Congress is “SPICES,” which are Sustainability, Productivity, Innovation, Collaboration, Excellence and Safety. The World Spice Congress is a big step for the future of the spice industry, where new ideas and innovations are created and shared. People from various countries will gather here. It is expected that over 1000 delegates from more than 50 countries will join in the event, which is the best opportunity to get to know more about the spice industry.

The 14th World Spice Congress is organized by the Spices Board of India with the active participation of spice trade associations in India. The event will include important policymakers, regulatory authorities, spice trade associations, government officials, as well as technical experts from important G20 countries, among others. As a result, Mumbai will witness the global spice industry in the coming months.

The key players in the industry—producers, traders, processors, exporters, and regulators from all over the world—discuss and deliberate in detail on trade, sustainability, quality, and food safety initiatives, recent developments, worries, and future prospects. WSC is a great opportunity for spice farmers and those in the spice industry. Exhibitions of various spices, their products, and various machinery will be held at the World Spice Congress. The World Spice Congress offers exhibitors the chance to highlight their distinctive skills and delicious goods. It also provides the foreign exhibitors a platform to demonstrate their global reach by presenting cutting-edge technologies and goods that might improve the world spice industry’s capabilities and efficiencies.

So, for those who enjoy spices, now is your chance.

Hey, Spice Lovers! Mumbai is Waiting for You..

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