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Kerala’s natural beauty, its lush greenery and blue backwaters, its culture and traditions, its cuisines.. the attractions of Kerala are endless. And the fragrance of Kerala! Nothing can replace it. It is because of no other reason than the natural aroma of Kerala spices.

God’s own country, Kerala, is also renowned as the “Land of Spices” in India. The explorers’ curiosity was piqued by the aroma of spices. This small, beautiful land has been famous in the international market for its finest spices for over 1000 years. The reputation of the spices of Kerala has travelled across oceans and into distant lands and is considered to be one of the primary reasons for the western colonization in India. History says that the arrival of Arabs, Chinese, and European powers like the Portuguese, French, and British was for the spices of Kerala. The best spices of Kerala are among the most distinctive spices available in the world, and history suggests that the ancient Muziris port in Kerala attracted traders from all over the world for the spice trade centuries ago.

What makes the spices of Kerala so special? The answer is Kerala’s climate, other than anything else. The production of spices in Kerala is aided by the warm, humid climate of Kerala, the foggy hill stations with their loamy soil rich in organic matter, and a respectable amount of rainfall. The spices of Kerala’s wholesale market receive the majority of their supplies from the Idukki district. Since Idukki’s elevation ranges from 130 to 1300 meters above mean sea level, the district’s various topographies and climatic conditions result in a wide variety of spices and other crops.

Kerala is home to a variety of spices, which contribute most to the world’s total spice trade. Spices grown in Kerala include cardamom, ginger, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, etc. The “King and Queen of Spices” are the most famous and highly prized spices in Kerala, which are respectively “black pepper and cardamom“. A common spice of Kerala, clove is the dried floral buds of Eugenia caryophyllata and is one of the key ingredients of garam masala, a powder made by grinding different spices that gives dishes a finger-licking flavour. Star Anise is the fruit of a small oriental tree with touched skin and rust colour with a flavour of power and liquorice with a strong and pungent smell. Cinnamon is a widely used Kerala spice to give dishes a special, rich flavour that is warm and aromatic. The flavour of nutmeg, which is a trademark spice of Kerala, is nutty, warm, and slightly sweet which is one of the famous spices of Kerala. The flavour of mace is warm, sharp, and slightly sweeter than nutmeg.

The spices from Kerala have many medicinal properties, which are very beneficial for our health. Since ancient times, these Kerala spices have been used as medicines in Ayurveda. Along with improving the flavour and fragrance of our daily food, the super delicious spices of Kerala also aid in digestion, ward off bacteria, and prevent a number of illnesses. Regardless of cultural, religious, and other differences, spices play a special role in giving Keralite cuisine its own distinct flavour. Because of the flavour of authentic Kerala spices, the taste of Kerala foods will never fade from the memory of the person who experienced them.

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